Missional Field Notes

Quotes, Examples, and Ideas from My Missional Frontier

I get so torn between the “organization” of church and the desire to be part of a “movement.” I’m a member of the United Methodist Church, a church that traces its ancestry to John Wesley…founder of a phenomenal movement. But the “organization” keeps calling. It’s a struggle. Therefore, Aidan’s words over at Forward, are needed:

I want to be a part of a movement, not just an organisation.

The point of a movement is that it’s moving. When Jesus talked about his earth-impacting heavenly kingdom (which was most of the time) he often used analogies from nature- mustard seeds, leaven, fishing, a farmer scattering seeds or ploughing, a vine & branches, a vineyard, a bride, an engagement, a wedding, his own body. Paul used the illustration of a building (traditionally a dead structure) but this one has stones that are alive! These illustrations clearly and overwhelmingly describe the kingdom as something that grows, that lives, that is connected in sap and blood and bears fruit.

Mustard seedsThe church (as an expression of the kingdom) must never become an inflexible wineskin that isn’t fit to contain the new wine of God’s always-new effervescent life. The kingdom is bigger than any church’s view of it so churches must always be building on the foundation of Jesus, not the foundation of their own traditions. Except for God it’s dead things that never change. To live is to change so we must change or die.

Where is God calling me to change?

Where is God calling our churches to change?

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