Missional Field Notes

Quotes, Examples, and Ideas from My Missional Frontier

We’re trying here.

During Lent we’re hoping (maybe “I’m hoping”) to begin a 6-week experiment in missional community, building off of our previous work with our “Downtown Grace” group of last spring…building off of our women’s Bible study…building off of several sermon series that have been laying the theological foundations. I’m not sure how it will look yet. But I envision there being groups meeting in several neighborhoods around the town, striving to bless our community while they bless each other by entering into discipleship together.

That’s about as far as I’ve gotten.

Not sure exactly what I’m doing here even though I’ve been reading and studying for four years or so.

That’s why I appreciated stumbling on Austin City Life’s notion of Shared Leadership in their missional community. I’ve seen other stuff in other places, but this was pretty simple and easy to understand. The notion is that there is no one person in charge, even if one person is serving as the leader of the group. In this case, they call them “City Groups.” And these are the designated roles:

  1. CITY GROUP LEADER- This key pastoral leader facilitates a community that is growing in Gospel, Community, and Mission.
  2. MISSIONAL LEADER- We serve our neighborhoods together monthly. This leader takes the lead on all the details: the when, where, and how of the monthly service project.
  3. PRAYER LEADER- This person records all the prayer requests and sends out a weekly update, reminding the community to pray for one another and the city.
  4. HOST LEADER- This leader opens their home/apartment/dorm room to be an inviting place for the community to share meals, discuss life and truth, and to pray for one another and the city.
  5. HOSPITALITY LEADER – We eat together. This leader coordinates the meal schedule and the “who is bringing what?”

I might want to add “FAMILY LEADER” or “CHILDREN’S LEADER” for groups that may have whole families joining in. But I like the core that they list.

What leadership roles might you see in you small group to maximize our ability to grow and to bless?

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