Missional Field Notes

Quotes, Examples, and Ideas from My Missional Frontier

This is a quote from Allan R. Bevere, whose blog I’ve been reading for quite some time:

The church in the 21st century West faces an identity crisis which it must resolve. Is the church going to be the people of God Jesus called it to be making disciples for the purpose of making disciples, or will it continue to grasp after a Christendom past that is almost used up never to return? Will the church in the West move into the future as God’s one, true nation or will it seek once again to make an earthly nation Christian when in reality it never was?

The challenge for me, is, even with all of this reading and visioning and praying and hoping for something different, it’s so hard to keep from grasping at the Christendom Bevere describes. With so many of our churches filled with folks who have always done church in a particular way and with a denominational structure that moves slowly it’s hard to think outside of the boxes we’re already in.

And yet I keep trying to envision a future that is different. I want us to be something different.

Thanks Alan.

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