Missional Field Notes

Quotes, Examples, and Ideas from My Missional Frontier

I really don’t do a whole lot of thinking about a new year. I know it is a meaningful, personal, introspective time of year for many. For me, not so much. Thankfully, others have already done some great thinking on the matter. Here are some words from Drew G.I. Hart from The Christian Century:

…I believe that God in Jesus Christ has and is doing even more than just sustaining us to live Spirit empowered lives within and under the forces of evil and patterns of injustice. The reality of Jesus Christ and God’s in-breaking Kingdom always is a word of possibility, even within the belly of the imperial beast that claims significant change is impossible.

…In consideration of the person of Jesus and his resurrection from death, and the reality of God’s present Kingdom in our society, new things are possible! New Humanity. Newness of Life. New Creation. It is in factoring in the immeasurable reality of God in the present and the future that allows us to follow after Jesus with risky hope. This risky hope carves out an unforeseen option of making radical strives towards the New Age to come as we are inspired by the Spirit to find sustainment in Christian community, to do justice, to make peace, to confront oppressive systems, to bring restoration to the people in our local neighborhoods, and to walk into the possibilities of tomorrow, next year, and beyond into God’s future


Now…what new things are possible here?

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