Missional Field Notes

Quotes, Examples, and Ideas from My Missional Frontier

Leading up to Christmas, Phil Wyman wrote about John the Baptist over at his wonderful blog:

John the Baptist would become the greatest of the prophets, according to the words of Jesus. His entire ministry was comprised of two things: leading the people to repentance of sin, and pointing the way to the Messiah. The call to repentance was actually a preparation for the coming of the Messiah, so John’s ministry was in totality a support for the coming of Christ. The missionally minded person will realize that all ministry is support for someone else’s dreams. Even the dreams of the most visionary leaders need to make room for the dreams of others. The larger the leader, the more the vision needs to encompass the dreams of other people. Any vision unable to include others’ hopes and passions in its scope is too small a vision. This is why Jesus describes a leader as the servant of all. This is why the first shall be last, and those who would lead must serve.

Part of my problem is that, from my puny perspective, it sure looks as if the big leaders are pushing forward with their own agendas. After all, the “rock stars” get the press — the books, the blogs, the bully pulpits. But, Wyman makes sense with the reflection on The Baptizer. We need to make room for the vision of others. And, perhaps more, we need help those around us practice some visioning.

I’m hoping that future missional communities can be a springboard for this.

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