Missional Field Notes

Quotes, Examples, and Ideas from My Missional Frontier

My sense of mission continues run smack into my sense of denominationalism and territorialism for my church and, dare I say, MY ministry. I confess that I get jealous of what God is doing in other churches and I struggle with sharing what God is doing in the church I serve. It’s something I’m reminded of and need to confess every once in a while. So, thanks to Justin Hiebert for leading me to confession today with his post:

The church fails, Luke argues, when individual members become more concerned about their own status, priority, title, or advancement.

I once had a coaching client that seemed to exemplify this. He once told me, “At our church we don’t care that much about titles, but I make sure everyone knows I’m the lead guy and the buck stops with me.”

I’m similarly bothered when I hear things like, “My pulpit,” “My ministry,” or “My group.” We miss precisely what Luke is warning us about: personal possession, of any kind, always causes trouble for the church. The story at the conclusion of Acts four exemplifies the good the church should be doing, while foreshadowing the trouble of Acts chapter 5.

Like trying to clench water it our closed fist, there is failure in claiming what we do as our own and holding the benefits for ourselves.

It goes on. Read it all on his site.

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