Missional Field Notes

Quotes, Examples, and Ideas from My Missional Frontier

It seems so basic, doesn’t it. In order to be welcoming to persons you need to be welcoming. It’s what Jesus modeled. It’s what God does for us. And yet we struggle with it…mightily. Here’s what Mark Love has to say about hospitality and the missional church:

Hospitality is the key characteristic, in my opinion, of participation in the life of God. After all, God exists as a community, Father, Son, and Spirit flowing in and through each other’s lives. God’s very life is expressed through making room for the other. And our salvation is found in the fact that he has made room for us as well.

As I have written here often, it is no small thing that the primary symbol in Christian worship is a table. An altar has been replaced by a table, a place of welcome. And each week we learn what it means to participate in God’s life as we experience the welcome of God around the Lord’s table. No longer do we experience God through sacrifices to overcome our exclusion from God. Rather, we are welcomed into God’s life through our participation in the life of Christ.

So, it makes sense that communities interested in participating in the mission of God in the world would excel in hospitality. And yet, we don’t. Shifts are necessary for us to create greater capacity in this area.

Read the whole post HERE:

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