Missional Field Notes

Quotes, Examples, and Ideas from My Missional Frontier

This is from Felicity Dale

All over the world God is using intentionally small and rapidly multiplying families of his people to bring extraordinary numbers of people into the Kingdom.

Here in the United States, unless the Lord intervenes, we are only a generation away from being a post-Christian nation. (Research shows that only 4% of Gen Y, the oldest of whom turned 30 in 2010, is in church regularly.) For the first time since this nation was founded, church is no longer at the center of society; it is rapidly becoming irrelevant.

For centuries, we have had an attractional model of church. (“Come to our church meeting. Come and hear our special speaker.”) And thankfully, over the years, many have met Jesus this way. But God has always intended church to “go” to be missional. He asks us to join him in what he is doing outside the walls of our buildings whether that is our church buildings, or, for those of us involved in simple/organic/house churches, our homes.

Missional communities are patterned on the principle of going, so they meet where life happens. They are families of God’s people, centered on Jesus, sharing life together, and intentionally reaching out with the Good News of the Kingdom.

Within a missional community, Jesus as head of his church is a practical reality. Their core skill is listening to Jesus, and responding to what he tells them. They share life together. For them, church is neither a location nor an event, but a series of relationships, firstly with Jesus and then with each other. The groups are small enough to obey the “one another” of the New Testament “to love one another, bear one another’s burdens, teach and admonish one another” etc. Understanding and obeying God’s Word is their daily practice.

Via Felicity Dale of the Verge Network

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