Missional Field Notes

Quotes, Examples, and Ideas from My Missional Frontier

Our missional community has lost it’s way and I’m not sure how to find it again. The summer months took a toll; people pulled in so many directions. We lost one member to seminary. We may lose some because of moves. We’ve lost others (perhaps me) to just being pulled in so many other directions. We’ve lost our focus. We’ve lost some of our vision. I found the following from Alex Absalom reaffirming. It’s getting back to the very basics of why we’re in this thing and what our goals are.

Any vision for a missional community has to focus on reaching a specific group of people who are not yet whole-hearted disciples of Jesus. You can define the group by neighborhood (ie geography) or network (of relationships – such as a common interest), although obviously both aspects are always at work to some extent.

There is no ‘wrong answer’ here! Whether rich or poor, young or old, trendy or traditional, like you or different from you, the point is, who are you called to love intentionally? There are the people who will be at the center of your mission vision. These are the people amongst whom you will most authentically make disciples.

One way to think about this is to ask yourself, ‘In the new missional community, where will we put our proactive energy?’. Yes, there will always be unexpected situations that we are called to react to. However, just relying on those moments is no way to build an effective and growing missional community.

Instead, you as the leader must define who your missional community is called to focus upon.

Read his whole post. You won’t be disappointed.

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