Missional Field Notes

Quotes, Examples, and Ideas from My Missional Frontier

Goal:  Getting persons out in public with their prayer books, fostering community and community involvement.

Method:  Monthly group that gathers in local restaurants covering topics from the Book of Common Prayer.

Here’s how they do it at Immanuel Episcopal Church in Mechanicsville, Virginia:

The ingredients are simple: food, drink, conversation, hospitality and learning in a casual restaurant setting.  The Rev. Anne Lane Witt, the Rector at Immanuel wanted an adult formation opportunity that combined these elements AND was out in their local community not within the walls of the church. 

“Prayer Books and Potables” is the result.  It is a monthly gathering of adults of all ages – some in her church and some not connected to any church – who share a meal and study a particular topic in the Episcopal Book of Common Prayer.  “My first aim was to get out in public with the Prayer Book,” she said.  “I want us to laugh, talk and study together, but do it in a public setting so that people who might not otherwise be comfortable in a more formalized setting, like the church, would feel welcome.”  

Sounds like fun.

Sounds like a great way to learn about the Book of Common Prayer.

Sounds like a great way to be out in the community.

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