Missional Field Notes

Quotes, Examples, and Ideas from My Missional Frontier

Saw this over at Urbana.org and I think it’s a wonderful primer for missional living. It gets at the Missio Dei rooted in Scripture and relationship and, through missions, our partnering in the process of renewing all things. Thanks, Urbana and John Criswell.

God’s main intention in human history is to reunite himself with a world that is estranged by sin. All that he is doing in space and time is an effort to further that desire. From the first verses of Genesis to the last verses of Revelation, his intention is articulated and illustrated. The wonder of it all is that he wants to accomplish this mission through the faithfulness of people like you and me.

This human dimension of God’s activity in the world is a marvelous thing. Many people have asked why God doesn’t just “zap” the world and make it into the world He wants it to be. Though this notion has its appeal, those wishing it misunderstand what God is trying to do.

God has revealed himself as a relational being. At the heart of his redemption process is the re-establishment of a relationship with fallen humanity. When Jesus was on earth, he spent a full three years relating with twelve men in a very personal way (and a host of other men and women in a less focused way). If God zapped humanity into a redeemed relationship, the essence of a loving, personal relationship would be eliminated. This would be counter to God’s relational nature. Since the estrangement was due to a broken relationship, the reconciliation process must also be relational, though at times it may appear harder and less efficient.

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