Missional Field Notes

Quotes, Examples, and Ideas from My Missional Frontier

Two steps forward, three steps back. Where are the benchmarks? Why aren’t more people coming? I want to see results NOW.

This missional stuff is slow. Relationships take time. It doesn’t all come together with one kickoff event or a louder band or having that one leader rise up and make it all happen. Sometimes, for me, it’s WAY TOO SLOW.

So, it was good for me to read Matt Murphy today. He reminds us that it’s not about immediate results but about a long, slow faithfulness. And, as an example, he point us to Paul.

Paul many times we think things just happened for him easily. They did not. Read through Acts again. Paul was beaten. Paul was thrown out of cities. Paul was put into prison. Paul stayed in places for years before people would respond. Paul worked hard. Paul was patient. Many of us when we are reading through Acts just gloss over the difficulty of the mission that Paul had. We focus on the statement, “and 3000 souls were added that day.” That only happened once. The other mentioning of numbers were the grand total of believers. Yes, there are outliers out there. There are people that God will use to reach the masses in a short period of time. But for most of us that is not the case. Anytime you are frustrated with ministry just look at the life of Paul and be encouraged. Remain faithful to the call to which Jesus has called you.

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