Missional Field Notes

Quotes, Examples, and Ideas from My Missional Frontier

Missional is NOT:

Acts of service done for their own sake alone
Acts of service in order to ram the gospel down someone’s throat
Acts of service done as the Gospel

Missional IS:

Joining Jesus “on mission” — when He performed miracles or cast out demons, Jesus preached and taught the people as well (both/and)
Acts of service based in compassion for others (and true Christian compassion will include issues of eternity)
Acts of service based in compassion, assuming that at some point, our Jesus-story can’t help but leak out

(From Robby McAlpine from a great article over at ThinkTheology)

2 thoughts on “What Missional Is Not and What Missional Is

  1. A subtle and yet crucial difference. Thanks for sharing.

  2. jimdoepken says:

    Yup. Subtle. And, you know, as we’re going about it, it can get a little muddy. Sometimes we lose the reason “why” we’re doing missional type things in the drive to just do them.

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