Missional Field Notes

Quotes, Examples, and Ideas from My Missional Frontier


OK, so our missional community is in a little dry spell. It’s not that our times together haven’t been less than fruitful. It’s not that the material we’ve looked at hasn’t been challenging. The issue has been we haven’t been meeting.

Oh, I am full of excuses. I got lots of them. See, I’ve been out of town for a few weeks so far this summer. We had a lovely vacation with our little girls. Plus I was gone for a bicycle race for a weekend which involved some preparation time as well. Then I had a memorial service to attend.

And those are just my conflicts.

Everyone else has been exceptionally busy as well. Summer is the time of our seasonal, tourism-related work around here. Everyone is out to make their money. Our retired persons are rarely fully retired in the summer. Our younger persons are thoroughly employed. And all of us have our Alaskan summertime visitors and play the part of host and tour guide.

So, we’re in a little dry spell.

Perhaps these questions from Verge Network could help us start seeing some growth again:

1. What was the best part of your community this past season?

God loves to give us stories that make us smile, laugh, and remember with joy His goodness. Every community has experienced the goodness of God no matter the season they have faced.

Reflect on the stories of redemption, transformation, fun, joy, and God’s breakthroughs this last season.

2. How has a love for God increased in the people in and around your community?

It may be in a few individuals or it may be the whole community, but there is no doubt that a love for God increases around a community pursuing Him and His mission. Who have seen grow in their love for God and how have you? Have you shared that with them?

Reflect on how God’s love has become more tangible during this season.

3. How have people felt the love of God through others in your community this past season?

When the community becomes family you begin to see their gifts, time, energy, and emotions be used for the good of others. How have you seen God’s love manifest through the people in your community to one another.

Reflect on how the community has loved one another well during this last season.

4. How have those outside the community experienced the gospel as good news in word or deed over this season?

It may be one person or it could be many who have experienced the good news of Jesus Christ through your community. They may have heard the good news and seen it in how you serve others.

Reflect on how your community has extended God’s love to those who don’t follow God yet.

(Picture Credit/Creative Commons)

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