Missional Field Notes

Quotes, Examples, and Ideas from My Missional Frontier

Brad Brisco asks you some questions, including the following:

Do you know the names of all your neighbors? If not, what can you do this month to get to know them without being a dork?

Are you doing any recreation, hobbies, or school functions with the intent to make friends?

How could you bless the children of the people you’re meeting?

Have any of your friends invited you to anything this last month? Did you go? How did it go? Any plans to thank them by inviting them to something cool?

What are you finding is always good news to your friends? Have you made any plans to be good news? What is that?

Have you taken much time this month to exegete the needs of your community? Have you talked to any school employees, city workers or government officials? How can you make that happen or begin to help where they expose need?

How many parties have you thrown or gone to this last month?

How many of your 21 weekly meals have you been sharing with people?

What common space, coffee shops, pubs, etc. have you been hanging out in consistently? Have any interesting relationships started to form?

All good questions.

Read more over at Brad’s site, Missional Church Network.

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