Missional Field Notes

Quotes, Examples, and Ideas from My Missional Frontier



It looks like this minister is no longer writing a blog. At least the blog I got this from was last updated in 2012. This is kind of a shame because I think her description of what being missional is is pretty awesome. I got fired up reading the whole post and commend it to you.

But here’s the section I’m going to share:

Being missional is a wholly other way of conceiving and doing church. Missional is not about having a pretty mission statement up on your wall.

In terms of what it looks like, forget mission statement and think missionaries. Think of a part of town you know — and it could be your own — that needs help. Real help, not just being supportive of their spiritual journeys.

Now imagine that you have been sent there to change their lives. By arranging for the hungry to get nutritious food, for the lonely to have someone who feels they matter. So, you find some other people who feel similarly called. Every week, in your own spheres of influence, you and these people go out into the world and try to make your little corner of it into the Beloved Community, where your mission is nothing less than helping each person in the community to find wholeness. You, this group of Called people, are the Church.

The Church is part of the Beloved Community, but it is not, in itself, the Beloved Community. The Beloved Community is what you are making. Members of the Beloved Community may never attend a worship service, but they are served by the Church.

(Image credit:  Liane Duarte:  Creative commons)

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