Missional Field Notes

Quotes, Examples, and Ideas from My Missional Frontier

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As I sit in the heart of Africa waiving away malaria infested mosquitoes, I am reminded that changing the world might not be a matter of failing to think big enough, but rather a failure to not think small enough.

You see, sometimes we fail to fulfill God’s calling for us by actually shooting too big. With all this talk of building the “Kingdom” we dream of radical, massive change while we actually forget that instead of a Kingdom created building by building, this Kingdom is built brick by brick.

One small change at a time.

My friends– if we really want to lead radical lives that subversively flip our culture upside down, we’ve got to break the American mindset of going big or going home. We must resist the cultural conditioning that success is equal to how big we think….Let us change the world… by thinking smaller.

From Benjamin Corey over at Formerly Fundie on Patheos.

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