Missional Field Notes

Quotes, Examples, and Ideas from My Missional Frontier

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In the WordPress world of discovering blogs and posts you like, Kevin Haglund liked a post of mine which, in turn, got me to check out his blog where I found “4 Lessons from the Church From Redbox.” That’s the “Redbox” video store in a kiosk–several of them are found in Anchorage. I think it’s a good post and…I wanted to share some of his points. But, as usual, if you want to read the whole thing, go over and check out his blog. Reading his “About” section shows he now trains with 3DM. Good stuff over there.

But the following is what brought me to his site. Haglund notes the following things the church can learn from those ubiquitous red DVD dispensers.

No frills – “Redbox keeps the main thing the main thing. Movies. There’s no buying popcorn, soda or candy from the kiosk. What should the church’s main thing be?”

Our churches can be all about the praise band or the sign out front or the Pastor’s office hours or whatever. It needs to be about discipleship.

Low overhead – “Redbox has low overhead. It doesn’t have to pay for brick and mortar stores and store employees.”

Each church I’ve served has struggled with its building cost. There’s something about having a big, beautiful worship complex that makes us think our church has arrived. But it’s becoming a millstone around our necks.

They’re everywhere – “It seems like there’s a Redbox kiosk just about everywhere you turn around–grocery stores, fast food establishments, etc. What does it take for a new Redbox location? ….But if discipleship and mission were put back in the hands of ordinary people, new communities of believers (churches) could spring up just about anywhere.”

That’s why we need to think in microlocations for our ministries. Every neighborhood. Every street. Every home becomes a place for the Kingdom to take hold.

They’re effective – “According to Redbox Profits, 15 DVDs are rented each second! …If our American churches were evaluated for how well they were helping to put discipleship and mission back into the hands of ordinary people, how many would be considered “effective”?”

This one, effectiveness, is a stumbling block for me. While I’ve had moments…periods…pockets of effectiveness, it seems as if much of church life is taken up with the business of running the church. At the end of the worship service, at the end of the day, are we effective in making new Christians.

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