Missional Field Notes

Quotes, Examples, and Ideas from My Missional Frontier

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It’s Easter Week and I’m deep into preparing services and activities while at the same time trying to get over a cold so I can sing and shout out my “He is Risen! He is Risen, Indeed!” on Easter morning. This week I’m posting ideas on having a missional Easter that I’ve gleaned from sources around this great world wide web of that is the missional field.

One of the things we’re doing in our new missional community is trying to get into meaningful conversation with our neighbors in the larger community, to really hear where they are coming from and to learn about them. We want to know, in particular what things they love about Downtown Seward and what things could use some work. If we believe that we have a God who is making all things new, this is a way to figure out how to work with God to bring some newness to the lives of those around us.

Well, Easter is a time when non-churchgoing, non-Christian people are celebrating along with their church-going and Christian neighbors. So it’s a find time to enter into conversation with people. At this time we may be speaking “the same language”–or have enough language in common for the hope of deeper conversation.

Try on these conversation starter…and try not to have any of them be a conversation stopper:

  1. Are you going to the community Holy Week service?
  2. What things did you do on Easter when you were a kid?
  3. Do you go all out with a ham or turkey for Easter?
  4. What’s your favorite Easter candy that comes out this time of year?
  5. What does Easter mean to you now?
  6. Do you do anything special on Easter Sunday?

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