Missional Field Notes

Quotes, Examples, and Ideas from My Missional Frontier

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It’s all about learning names. Learn the names of your neighbors. Learn the names of your coworkers. Learn the names.

The more neighbors who know one another by name, the fewer crimes a neighborhood as a whole will suffer. A child born in a state whose residents volunteer, vote, and spend time with friends is less likely to be born underweight, less likely to drop out of school, and less likely to kill or be killed than the same child—no richer or poorer—born in another state whose residents do not. Society as a whole benefits enormously from the social ties forged by those who choose connective strategies in pursuit of their particular goals (From Robert Putnam’s Better Together: Restoring American Community, p. 269)

It’s hard to love those we don’t know.

We start to know them when we learn their names.

(Via Eric Swanson on the Leadership Network)

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