Missional Field Notes

Quotes, Examples, and Ideas from My Missional Frontier

A Great Resource as we plan on heading out on a Prayer Walk in a little over a week. Thanks to Jordan at Redeemer Church.  His list includes:

  • Ask God to give you a sense of what He feels for the people in the neighborhood. Ask for eyes to see people the way he sees them. Ask for ears to hear the Spirit leading you while you are out.
  • Ask God what would it look like if His Kingdom existed in this place like it does in heaven? What things would be different? Begin to pray that these things would start to change.
  • Look for specific things you can pray for. Every place or neighborhood is different, so pray specific things that only someone seeing the things you are seeing could pray…(children out playing, new neighbors that love Jesus to move into empty houses, that person over there would come to know the Father, etc.)
  • Ask God for insight on how you can serve and love the people here in ways they can understand. Listen and look. As he brings things to  mind discuss them with your family and your missional community– then begin to do them!
  • Pray that God would give you “people of peace” in the neighborhood. Ask for people who are open to you, friendly toward you, and open to Christ.

See the full list here.


There is no great work of God that doesn’t begin with prayer. As a missional community leader I think it is of utmost importance that I am praying for the Lord to go before me and lead me into disciple making. If I want to see the Father use my MC, I must pray and pray often. Therefore, I wanted to share a prayer guide that has helped me and other leaders in our church pray effectively as we spend time in our neighborhoods.

I hope you will find this prayer guide helpful as I have.

When to use this guide: while you are walking your dog, jogging, riding your bike, taking a walk with your family, going to get the mail, taking out the trash, or working in the lawn. Join together with others in your MC for a prayer walk. Invite an emerging leader to join you…

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